Mobile Tire Service

Tire Josh Tires Mobile Tire Service

When you have a flat tire that can be repaired, we got you. Tire Josh Tires mobile tire service will come to where you caught a flat in Georgia and fix it.

We offer tire mounts, if you need your spare tire put on. New tire replacement is not a problem with Tire Josh Tires mobile flat tire repair.

Affordable used tires comes in A’s, B’s, and C’s. Give the dispatcher the tire size and we will match one up for you to get you on your way.

Mobile flat tire service
mobile flat tire service

Rim Damage

Hitting a pot hole is no fun when it has bent your rim, this also causes the air to leak from the tire. Rim damage is serious and could be costly on the side of the road.

Tire Josh Tires can bring a steel rim out as a replacement and of coarse a tire. We will need to know the make and model of your vehicle and rim size.

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